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1500 Calorie Diet

The 1500 calorie diet is a meal plan, which is low in fat. It is very healthy, simple and extremely heart friendly. The 1500 calorie diet is perfect for individuals who consume complete and well-balanced meals. To follow this diet plan satisfactorily, go through the following simple rules:

Important Rules:

Rule 1:

Plan the foods ahead, for instance the night before. Make it a point to have always low-fat foods at immediate disposal so that no need arises to substitute them for foods high in fat, which are not even in the menu or on the grocery list of the 1500-calorie diet plan. The following is the list:

Fish or meat:
1. Chicken breast (28 ounces, white meat)
2. Turkey breast (15 ounces, white meat)
3. Smoked Salmon (35 ounces, broiled)


Oranges, apples and bananas (seven each, medium in size)

Seven spears of broccoli

1. Mayo (one cup, regular with salt)
2. Milk (seven cups, two percent fat)
3. Cream, fluid (seven tablespoons)

1. Rice (seven cups, white)
2. 14 slices of whole wheat bread
3. 1 cup of Hemp Granola

Rule 2:

Consuming about four to six small snacks and meals throughout the day is better, as compared to three large meals according to the 1500 calorie diet plan.

Rule 3:

As for this rule of 1500 calorie diet, make it a point to eat slowly. Avoid swallowing the meal in 15 minutes but at the same time, there is no need to dine for two and a half hours. Just take time and relish the food irrespective of how much time it takes to eat the food.

Rule 4:

Always remember to count the calories consumed while following the 1500 calorie diet. Healthier foods are smarter food alternatives, so ensure selecting many fresh vegetables and fruits, whole grain cereals, fat-free or low calorie diary products, low fat fish and meats.

Rule 5:

Eat many fresh vegetables and fruits. This is the best option a person can choose while following a low fat meal plan with a healthy 1500 calorie diet. Start with five fruit and vegetable servings a day.

Rule 6:

Avoid foods, which are high in sugars and fats. These foods have very high calorie levels. Some examples of such foods are candy bars, candies, and pastries.

People need to distribute their 1500 calorie diet plan in the following manner:

1. Breakfast: 299 calories

2. Morning snack: 234 calories

3. Lunch: 377.5 calories

4. Afternoon snack: 134 calories

5. Dinner: 509 calories

Studies have proven than a lower metabolism resulting from reduced caloric intake has been linked to longevity.  Generally the less you eat the longer you will live.

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