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Cabbage Soup Diet

Can the Cabbage Soup Diet Help You Lose Weight?

The cabbage soup diet is a short-term weight loss diet rich in fiber and low in fatty substances. It can lead to rapid weight loss. The basis of the cabbage soup diet is a plain cabbage soup. Dietitians say that the more you eat this soup, the more weight you will lose.

The cabbage soup diet is a seven-day diet aimed at achieving rapid weight loss. On each of the seven days, you can taste a new nutritious food along with the soup. Unlike other dieting plans, the cabbage soup diet is not a long-term weight loss solution. However, you can witness the effectiveness of the diet within a short period of starting it.

The cabbage soup diet offers quick weight loss, but it lacks nutrition, variety and flavor. During the seven-day diet plan, you will eat mostly soups made of onion, cabbage, celery, tomatoes, safron, mushrooms and carrots. Dietitians say that most weight gain is caused by dramatic intake of calorie foods. This diet plan avoids consumption of high-calorie foods and helps the dieter lead a healthy lifestyle.

The cabbage soup diet is extremely easy and economical to follow. You can have as much as soup you desire during these seven days, thus avoiding weight gain. Avoid following the diet for more than seven days, or your body may lose essential minerals and vitamins.

Cabbage Soup Diet: 7 Day Diet Plan

The one-week diet plan of cabbage soup diet involves:

• Day 1: All you can have is soup and fruits (avoid bananas). Drink plenty of cranberry juice, water and sugarless tea.

• Day 2: Eat all the vegetables and soup that you want (avoid peas, corn and beans). Have a buttered grilled potato at dinner. Avoid fruits and granola.

• Day 3: Eat all the fruits, vegetables and soup you desire, and nothing else.

• Day 4: Eat soup, no more than eight bananas and skim milk.

• Day 5: Have no less than one cup of soup. You can have 10 to 20 oz. of skinless beef or chicken and no more than six tomatoes. Drink plenty of water.

• Day 6: Have sufficient vegetables and skinless beef. You can go ahead with the animal protein. Be sure to add vegetables and salad and avoid most carbohydrates. Do not fry the meat or potatoes.

• Day 7: Consume at least one cup of soup. Otherwise, eat only brown rice, sugarless fruit juice, and vegetables.

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