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Making Weight Loss Fun

Losing weight effort often fails as the whole process involves stress and boredom. You alter your food habits and increase your activity to achieve weight loss, however if you do not have fun you are most likely to get bored and leave the program. Well here are some fun tips that will make your experience with weight loss program a much more enjoyable one.

1. Spice up goal achieving: In choosing a weight loss program make sure you set long-term and weekly short-term goals. When achieving these short-term goals you need to give yourself some reward to spice things up. These rewards can be anything which you enjoy (other than food of course!).

2. Make exercise fun: Do not just get on treadmill, which can be boring after a while. Substitute your treadmill with walk in the park with a friend, your time will pass so quickly while you both chat along the way. You can also join a gym with a friend or a family member; it can be fun to have a diet buddy losing weight with you.

3. Take up new moving activities: try getting a hobby which involves lots of physical activities. If you like swimming, biking or hiking try that, it is up to you how you want to spend your time while burning calories. Ice skating is a very fun activity that burns many calories. It’s inexpensive too. All you need is a pair of skates, and skate sharpener, and a pair of gloves.

4. Get diet recipes: who said that diet food should be boring and monotonous? There are hundreds of sites out there; offering recipes with calories count to make your weight loss fun. If you are sticking to a particular diet and do not want to have anything else, try finding recipes which involves ingredients that are allowed in your diet plan. Having variety will keep your taste buds out of boredom. Eating healthy is a best way to avoid health care issues if you can’t find time to exercise.

5. Do fun activities: Try to keep your motivational level up by keeping your mind relax and content. If you like going out for movie, dancing, bowling, shopping whatever, do what you like. It will keep you happy and take your mind off from eating and breaking your diet. Fitness videos are a fun way to get exercise indoors when the weather doesn’t cooperate.

6. Challenge someone: It is fun to compete with someone for weight loss as long it is a healthy competition. You can challenge a friend or a family member for a short 5 pound weight loss goal for a week. Decide on a prize and winner takes glory and prize. These little competitions will spice up your weight loss program and keep you motivated in order to achieve your long term weight loss target.

Keep yourself happy: nothing kills motivation to lose weight like depression. If you think you might be experiencing a set in of depression try to diverting your attention to something that you find fun. When you are depressed you are most likely to avoid doing your diet and exercise. Your first reaction would be I do not feel like it, but you need to pull yourself together and try to divert your mind towards positivity by engaging yourself in something which give you pleasure.

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