"> Tips for Weight Loss

Tips for Weight Loss

Losing weight is not an easy thing to do. Obesity Facts are stunning.  More than 2/3rd of Americans are now overweight. Most of us know that we are fat but we fail to get to our self in desired shape. Well here are some tips to make you lose extra fat and get back in to shape.

1. Choose the right diet: It is essential that you do not starve yourself for weight loss. In choosing the diet you have to look in to two factors i.e. calories and variety. Choose a diet which will give you a count on the amount of calories taken on each meal and offer you variety so you do not get bored.

2. Choose the right exercise: In choosing an exercise for yourself you have to keep in mind consistency and gradual increase in intensity. Make exercise fun. Ask yourself – How much you will be motivated to do something which you do not enjoy?

3. Choose the right attitude: You have to have the right attitude in deciding to lose weight only then you are most likely to succeed. Positive attitude always lead to committed effort even if you do not succeed in your goal, positive attitude lets you organize your thoughts and bring motivation to start again.

4. Choose the right plan: Every individual is different; you have to choose a weight loss plan which suits your body and your life style. Trying to follow someone else’s plan will itself de motivate you as you might not lose weight as much as other person. When considering any weight loss plan try to follow your own BMR (Basal Metabolic rate) which is a good indicator of how fast your body burn calories.

5. Choose the right goals Choosing the right goal is essential for the success of any weight loss plan. If you set goals which are very high and difficult to reach, you are most likely to abandon your weight loss effort. Setting unrealistic goals create frustration and de motivation. Try to keep goals which are long-term and short-term, in that way you will be motivated throughout your weight loss program and continue to work towards achieving your desired weight.

6. Choose the right reasons: Lose weight for yourself; do not lose weight for somebody else. When deciding that you want to be healthy and slim choose a right reason. You are more likely stick to your goal and continue to keep the weight off, if you feel that you are doing this for yourself. Don’t let yourself succomb to the long term effects of being overweight which can result in costly surgery for anterior hip replacement, gastric bypass, or heart surgery. If you do it for someone else or for some event you are most likely to abandon your weight loss goals once that target is achieved. This will cause a Yo Yo effect and will make you gain back your weight in no time.

Losing weight is much more than just following a diet plan and doing exercise, it involves commitment, awareness, and motivation.  Did you know that a lack of sleep can prevent your body from properly burning calories?  The Importance Of Sleep is often overlooked in weight loss plans.  Just by choosing the right things for your weight loss program, you will help yourself in achieving your desired weight loss goal.

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